Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is going to be very painful...

So I started reading "As Nature Made Him" by John Colapinto.  The book started off pretty good, but almost too much like a love story for my liking, talking about his parents and how they grew up and met.  I was fine with this though, it was what came next that was hard for me to read.  The book continues to give foresight into what the book is about, a boy who had a botched circumcision and is forced to grow up as a girl.  The book goes into plenty of detail when talking about the boys circumcision.  I found myself reading and feeling light headed as I felt the pain of the boy.  This is when I knew it was going to be a very long book...  I pushed though my pain and continued to read.  I think it is very normal how the parents reacted at first being very worried of how David would grow up, and like it said in the very beginning of the book, his parents did what they thought was best for him out of kindness, love and desperation, and when you're desperate, you don't necessarily do all the right things.  I think it is very ironic that the doctor's name is Dr. Money because he was obsessed with David's circumstance and had David and his brother act differently than normal just for his theory and fame, and very possibly the wealth that came with it.  I for one think that your sex determines your gender, but how you grow up determines how you live. 

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