Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essay Proposal Web, Space, and Text

For my essay, I will write about myself and my identity as a whole.  I will look in detail at how I construct my identity online and offline in real life.  I will also write about my room as a space and how I construct it to fit my identity.  When talking about identity construction online, I will talk about how I have my Facebook set up, and possible also talk about my identity as I construct it in games.  I will talk about what I have as visible to everyone on Facebook and what I have hidden.  I will also talk about what photos I have up on Facebook and what they say about my identity, especially my profile picture.  If I end up talking about my identities in online games, I will talk about what they say about my real life identity, and how my real life identity shows through my character.  When talking about my identity construction in real life, I will talk about what clothes I wear and why I choose to wear those.  I will talk about the shirts and pants I wear, as well as my glasses, hats, shoes, and socks.  I will talk about how I am affected by different spaces such as high school, at home, on the university campus, and when out with friends.  I will talk about my house as a space, and how my identity effects it, and also how it effects me.  Then I will talk about my room.  I will talk about how I decorated my room, and how it is influenced by my identity and how my identity influenced how it was decorated.  My essay will be about my identity in real life, on the web, and in online games.  I will discuss why each was constructed how it is, through my environment, experiences, and history. 


  1. I like the fact that you see that a person can have one or more identities depending on the environment there in. Online proposes that there you can have your own space and allow people that aren’t necessarily outgoing can get a chance to break out of their shell. But I think you should incorporate the negative effects that it can take place such as over exposure or lack of reality.

  2. Wow such a good topic I was thinking about the samething too, but that was after I finished my essay. I am guessing this whole essay is going to be about you and only you. i think this essay is going to turn out great because who knows your own character and identity more than yourself? Anyways, I cant wait to read it because there must be a lot of construction to make up a human because I think human characteristic is hard to build because we are complex creatures.