Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Space: Neighborhood

My group is doing our project on our individual neighborhoods.  We will present our findings in a powerpoint presentation.  I live on the corner of Devonshire and Lindley.  As for my findings, I found that my neighborhood was ultimately a very school centered neighborhood.  Not just because I live close to CSUN, but because I live literally down the street from Granada Hills High School.  So my "hood" is very quiet, until school gets out then as kids get released from school and after school activities start, the neighborhood starts to become a little bit louder.  As I did my ethnography of the area, I observed a few things.  As the high school kids got out of school, many walked quite a bit before getting picked up.  Some walked up the street to Starbucks, and Ralphs to get drinks and snacks, and others walked to the parking lot to get picked up, I assume this is because there isn't much parking on the street.  Some other kids simply walk home because they live in the near by apartments.  Very soon after the school day was over for these students, I noticed a group of runners, most likely the track team or one of the sports teams, running laps around the school.  An observation I made not about the high school kids was that many people who live in these apartments don't even hassle with driving their car to the groceries store, and just walk to get their groceries.  Others, I assume are CSUN students because they have backpacks and ride their bikes and skateboards down the street towards the campus.  

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