Monday, March 12, 2012

Window Shopping

The other day I took a visit to the AV Mall.  I was walking around and was looking at the window displays.  I know that window displays are supposed to draw you into the store, but I feel there is almost always an under lying meaning.  One very key example is the display at Hollister.  Their display is actually not a window display, but an entrance display.  You walking into a little under a patio looking thing, with fake mini palm trees on either side on you, then the display of a shirtless surfer looking guy from ceiling to floor greets you.  So it is obvious that they are trying to draw girls in with the half naked guy, but I feel they are trying to tell guys that they need to look like that to wear their cloths.  Another example is Pharmacy Skate Shop's window display.  Their display has no mannequins, it is one big picture of a couple juvenile kids, one is tagging a railed wall, one kid grinding on the rail, even though the sign in the background says no skating, and the others are in the background just watching.  This picture is obviously supposed to draw in skaters, but I feel that they are trying to show a very rebellious side to skating.  Having many skater friends, I feel a lot of them were very rebellious like this, but to a lower extent.  One more example is Victoria's Secret.  Their display has pictures of women in nothing but lingerie.  Now might think because it is a female store this is meant to bring in women, but I believe that this is supposed to bring in guys to buy their girlfriends and wives lingerie.  I think that they are telling guys "the girl you are buying this for will look like this in our lingerie."  Next time you are window shopping, notice how the store draws you in and see if you match the description of who they are selling to.  You might be surprised. 

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