Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Space: Orange Groves

My group is doing our project space on the orange groves at CSUN.  The grove is used recreationally because it is a place where you can just walk and think, but there is also a duck pond with ducks, turtles, and fish too!  Within the groves there's also an observatory, which is used for learning about the solar system.  It is a very unpopulated place, and is very quiet besides the occasional car driving by or duck quack.  I believe that the grove serves its purpose on campus because it provides a place to get away, and also provides oranges.  As for it feeling like a CSUN facility, besides the observatory, not very much.  I feel this space is out of place in a fast pace community such as Los Angeles.  It's history makes it fit in though.  Online it says that all of CSUN was once different farming groves, and when they started to build CSUN, to preserve the land, they kept the orange groves.  Some other observations I had while walking through the groves was that at the back side, there is a building called "The Northridge Club" which I assume is used for banquets and parties.  Another observation I had was that by the duck pond you can pay 25 cents to get a handful of food for the animals in the pond. 

My space as a whole is a condo apartment I share with a friend from high school, 2 of his fraternity brothers, and one of their girlfriends.  The apartment is mostly clean, besides the kitchen, where you can find dirty dishes.  There is a living room with 3 couches, and a TV.  I share a bathroom with 2 housemates, but we keep that clean.  As for their rooms, I don't really know, but as for my room, I keep it clean.  There is a closet, a computer desk, printer, chair, nightstand, and bed.  My room also contains 2 posters, a TOMS shoes flag, and 4 lights, so it is very well lit. 

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