Monday, February 13, 2012

Gamer Girls... Maybe not...

After watching the movie "Gamer" I saw that a lot of the actions in the movie were based on events that actually take place in real life.  One I'd like to focus on is the action of males taking the role of female characters in the game.  You see this in the movie when a real guy plays the role of Cable's wife in "Society," a virtual reality world where you control an "avatar," who is actually a human person with out control, and do what seems like just about anything.  This guy, who is a poor accuse for a "guy," is morbidly obese to the point where he needs a motorized wheelchair to get around, and is very disgusting as to how he lives in general, showing a severe lack in personal hygiene, and health.  This "guy" plays as Cable's wife, after she sold herself to the system.  She is a  character who is a normal looking woman among the world of "Society."  What he does to her is just outrageous though.  He controls her in a very perverse way, pretty much making her a hoe.  He approaches a male character as her, and flirts with him as his character, now keep in mind that this "guy" has no idea whether it is a guy or girl playing the other male character, then the male character proceeded to practically rape the female character.  This is how the "guy" gets off.  Now obviously this exact thing doesn't happen in real life, because people don't actually play real people in games, but some people playing the role of an opposite sex character does happen often.  An example of this is my friend, who is male, who almost always plays as a female character.  Before you start freaking out, there is nothing wrong with his brain, and he doesn't use this in a inappropriate way.  He does this because in some MMORPGs he plays, some male characters will often gift free items to female characters in hopes of something in return.  Luckily my friend knows better then that, and he just uses it to cash in.  

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